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What is that black discoloration on my roof?

The black  roof discoloration on your roof isn’t dirt. It is Saprophytic Fungus. This fungus arrives and collects on roofs and other exterior surfaces from airborne spores. Once attached to a shingled roof or tile roof, the fungus begins to feed on the dead organic matter in and on asphalt and tile roofs. The ceramic roof granules are loosened and begin to fall off as the fungus begins to break down the asphalt. The ceramic granules protect the roofing material from UV degradation, and once the ceramic roof granules are removed, the roof will begin to deteriorate prematurely. Cleaning maintenance removes this deteriorating fungus and makes an old roof look new again.

Is there anything we can do to keep our Dunnellon and Ocala home and commercial roof clean? (new roof / or after roof has been cleaned)

Welcome to Ocala and Dunnellon, Florida! There is no way to stop the discoloration from happening you just need to find a way of managing it. We offer a maintenance program that will treat your roof yearly for a fraction of the cost of cleaning it in order to keep it clean. Warrens Power Washings’ process is applied from the ground, with no pressure to your commercial or residential roof and will keep your roof looking great for the life of the shingle. If within the year if you have any “SPOTS” or “STREAKS” appear I will clean the roof again for no charge.

Why not use Pressure?

Using Pressure to clean a roof is considered old school, it worked but it damaged your shingles in some sort of the way. Using pressure to clean asphalt shingles loosens the ceramic granules and exposed the backing of the shingle to the weather, it can also loosen the shingle itself or worst case remove the shingle itself. Using our NON Pressure system it relieves all the worry of damaging shingles. Our system can be applied usually from a ladder which helps the shingles by not dragging hoses across the shingles and the extra wear from walking on them. My opinion is to limit friction to your shingles and you will get the maximum life out of them.

 Will your process harm my plants?

With any product there is a potential of doing some sort of damage. Anyone that gives you a “NO WAY WILL THAT HAPPEN”  is not being honest. I use the analogy it is like Fertilizer if you handle it correctly you will get nothing but positive results, if you don’t use it correctly you will burn your whole lawn. At Warren’s Power Washing we take every precaution we can to ensure there is no damage to your property. We utilize a person on the ground at all times to saturate the plants to ensure any cleaner that gets on them is rinsed off and diluted. We also bag gutters when available to collect run off and off site disposal.

 How long will it take till we see a difference in my roof?

Before I drive off you will be amazed at the difference. The system works almost immediately, as well as gets cleaner within the next few days as mother nature helps with the rinsing.